April 15, 2014

Double Dose

H&M shirt (similar styles available on their website here and here) jeans (bamboo sky restocking this week!) bag (bamboo sky, sold out) J. Crew earrings & bracelet (sold out)  Kelsi Dagger Bianca Sandal (via nastygal but also size 6 only on sale here)

 As per my usual affinity with pattern play,  I doubled up on polka dots AND denim today.  Dressed it up with some fancy jewels and of course more texture (lasercut tote).  I love mixing patterns and textures because it allows you to be totally creative and truly unique.  If you're interested, a while ago, I wrote about a few basic guidelines for pattern mixing here!



April 13, 2014

Currently Lusting: Pale Blues and A Dash Of Salmon

Currently Lusting

My dreary Sunday morning remedy? On-line window shopping.  A "few" things I currently need in my life or I'll die. Cool blues, summer textures, and a new bottle of my fav parfum.
  1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel in CLOUD! $695
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Gavin Too Captoe Espadrilles $175
  3. Brian Atwood Small East/West Tote $495
  4. Chloe Eau De Parfum Spray $120 1.2 oz
  5. Topshop Rosemary Printed Sandal $100
  6. Stone Cold Fox Holy Tube $308
  7. Schutz Charleigh Gladiator Sandal $155
  8. Madewell Open View Tunic $92
  9. Topshop Embossed Snake Clutch $76
  10. Madewell NSF Owen Skiny Boyfriends in chalk $224
  11. Nastygal Gypsy Run Dress $58
  12. Madewell Denim Boyshorts in light storm $69
  13. Schutz Fiorenza Sandal in Salmon (or black) $260
I'm seriously thinking about which organs I can live without so I can acquire one or some of these. #girlproblems

April 11, 2014

Floral On Floral

dress (very,very similar here) bag & phone case (old bamboo sky) necklace (sold out j crew, but similar here) shoes (f21)

Pattern on pattern has always been my weakness and I was feeling pretty Spring-y the other day so naturally for me, this meant piling on every floral texture I could find (... short of a floral crown because now that would be over the top, lol!) 

Been on a little blog hiatus lately, because honestly I just don't have time for anything self-related any more, ie: the one month old pedicure so embarrassingly evidenced in the 1st picture. Oh this look? Yeah, it's totally a french tip pedi. Hahaha! But I promise (to myself mostly), to catch up on this little journal of mine. I miss shopping (for myself) and spending the time to dress up for any little reason. Please excuse the pity-me moment. 

Anyway, the mister and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary last week.  Typically we would do dinner and a movie, but since we're both so busy with work and our nights are consumed by endless rounds monster chase, hide & seek and flying-ring-around-the-rosie,  we scheduled a massage date while the munchkin was in school, followed by lunch at Mariposa. Even after 6 years this guy still blows my skirt up and I just love him more and more everyday.  
Lobster club was amazing, but duh! Won't get the salmon salad again, it was ok. BTW we got foot reflexology massages at this little place called Oasis Spa just outside of Ala Moana Shopping Center on Kona Street. It's not the prettiest of "spas", but those are usually the ones with the strongest masseuses in my experience.  The fufu fluffy spas give fufu fluffy massages and I like mine extremely strong and deep.  Like "Girl-you-better-be-sweat'n-after-you're-done-with-me" kind. Oasis Spa was just that kind of place.  Ultra comfy seats, sanitary, professional, $65/hour.  Only thing is you could hear the outside traffic because they're on a busy street, but that didn't really bother me. 
Ask for Fumiko or Kim.  808-979-9000


February 22, 2014

LA Iphone Diary: Am I Here To Work….Or Eat?

The LA part of my trip (I didn't include Vegas because red eye flights mess me up for at least 48 hours). Not sure if I was here to work or eat though….

 A small breakfast before heading out...
 Just kidding!!! This yogurt bowl was the size of my head.  And look at this fruit, what a show off!
 When you travel alone your only options are selfies or strangers.
 A need a wall of polaroids somewhere in my life.
 More Cali fruits, Mexican style!!! With lemon, salt and chili pepper. Duh!
 Ridiculousness in a bag.  Chili mango….. sweet, tangy, salty, spicy!

 Free breakfast buffet? Hell yes! In my MB x FE Palm Angle pant? Double hell yes!
 These pats though! Been fawning over the MB xFE collection and finally got me a dose of palm print.
 Speaking of topical prints….
 Oh DTLA, you always take my breath away.
Kicking up the feet.
 Holy hell!!!! I always go for the bacon wrapped dog, but this time I found my new fav!
 The road to J-Town looks promising.
 Exploring J-Town, loner style. I used to frequent 2nd street a lot when I lived in downtown years ago, but it's definitely more sprawling now.  With a cute little open air center and tons more eateries and shops.  
Shiso makes the world go round.
My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, should've just ordered the salad.
But then again...
If there ever was a thing as too much sugar, it just might be these frosted fruity pebble donut holes.
So you caught my attention bacon bit donut hole. I was expecting a clever blend of salty and sweet, kinda like sea salt dark chocolate. But it tasted more like, bacon….. and a donut, separately but mushed together in my mouth.  
I gave it two bites because every(thing) deserves a second chance. 
At some hobby store in J-town. Hmmmm, hobby or fetish?

As if you weren't cute enough! You just had to go and put on those shoes.
Heading back to the hotel, I stop to capture downtown at it's most beautiful time.
Wait a minute, I haven't done a mirror selfie yet.

Some new jewels for myself.
And my favorite part about my job…. shopping then styling! Stayed up 'til 3am planning looks for next week's new arrival drop.  It's gonna be insane.
Yes, I do try everything on.
Been searching high and low for decent quality lace bells for the shop and I finally found some that has a true bell shape and the perfect lace pattern. Others I came across were real "cheapy" looking, where the ratio of floral to mesh area was not enough.  I love how you can see a definite pattern on these. 
Ummmmmm, I have no words for this donut tank, except that you need it or you'll die. 
Graphic tanks game on point.
Ok so sometimes I'm a little weird, but I really like this whole bra on the outside look.  

Heart aviators come'n atcha! 
BTW, if I may take a moment to admire my own hair!!! I eff'n love my cut from Holly.  It's so easy breezy, especially in LA because it's less humid, so it really has a nice natural fall.  With the exception of 2 large barrel curls in the front it's pretty much wash, toss and go!

It's tradition!

Pounded this ENTIRE meal, every last fry, like a boss.
I got all the basic food group covered:
Grains= Bun
Protein= Beef
Veggies= Lettuce & Tomato
Dairy= Cheese
Fruit= STRAWBERRY milkshake, duh!

Now it's time to go home to my baby boo! Until next time LA.