September 29, 2009

a wang

Ok, ok, ok. This was last week Friday's outfit. Now that Shane and I have the two stores, I don't have my "photographer" anymore because he leaves earlier to open our Waikiki store. And between Mr. Puffin's scuttling, Vinny's chasing, getting ready and trying to set my camera on timer and finding just the right height, taking pictures of my favorite outfits has become a chore.

Anyway, last week, I bought my first Alexander Wang piece!!! Granted, it's just a tank top, but I loved it so much that I ordered another one in white.... oh, and one of his dresses too, which should be in the mail by today!!! eggs!!!

His cuts are simplistic and sexy. Addicted.

tank- Alexander Wang
bra- American apparel
shorts- bamboo sky
shoes- Vince Camuto
hat- bamboo sky

September 28, 2009

Over time!!!

September 24, 2009

masochism at genki

When this cute little bugger trolleyed around the belt, I had to get one! so kawaii AND soooo oishi! We thoroughly enjoyed devouring our ice cream and azuki bean filled fish waffle.

September 16, 2009

Long day, late dinner

Capping off a long, but amazing day with dinner at Odoriko in Waikiki.
Then later tonight, vinny gets a hair cut and a bocha for two bits.

pops of color

A little yellow here, a little turquoise there, pink lips and voila! I've managed to wear shades of each of the primary colors.

silk blouse (collective clothing)- bamboo sky
skirt - bamboo sky
turq cuff- bamboo sky
gold cuff- bamboo sky
shoes (vince camuto)- nordstrom rack

September 15, 2009

sparkler, glitzen & pixie

Remember when you were a little kid, trying your darnedest to fall asleep on Christmas Eve because you knew that the faster you did, the sooner Santa would be by to drop off your presents? And you swear you saw Rudolph's shadow flash across your window pane or heard the jingling of Santa's sleigh in the distance, or perhaps some hooves tippy toeing on your roof. But alas, your exhausted imagination lulls you to sleep.

Well, much like the restless anticipation of Christmas morning, I was very, very, VERY excited to receive Siwy's Fall 2009 collection. For the past month or so, knowing that the delivery would be upon me soon, I must have dreamed about a thousand ways I would wear these fabulous works of art.

Today, we finally received the much anticipated shipment, and let's just say that opening the box Siwy's new Hannah skinny crop pant was sooooooooo much better than unwrapping the hand knit sweater from gramma that smelled of moth balls and sandalwood perfume.

Below, Summer and I played "dress up" (or rather, just played) in a gold sequin number (Hannah Pixie) and a liquid metal stunner (Hannah Sparkler)

These are also available in Hannah Jet sequin and Hannah Glitzen (which is a gold-ish "liquid metal")