November 30, 2009

i'm back!

I've been "away" working at the stores a lot in preparation for the much aniticipated "black friday" weekend sale. It was a great success! My personal wardrobe lately? Not so much! I've been extremely busy this past month, that I haven't really made any effort to style myself out. I need a lash refill, a new hairstyle and a mani/pedi DESPERATELY!!!

I did however, have a sudden creative jolt one day and I made sure to take the time to execute it. I seldom follow through with my design ideas, but this one seemed pretty simple to do and it was kind of like therapy during a such a hectic time. You know how I la, la, la love tights, leggings, pantyhose, etc, etc? Well, I decided to embellish a pair of sheer seamed pantyhose with swarovski crystals. Here's the result of my DIY project.

Next, I tackle the sheer mini dot pantyhose I got from Urban!!!

jacket (U.O), cami (U.O), head band (Bsky), necklace (Bsky), lace shorts (Spiral Girl), panty hose (A.A), shoes (Dolce Vita)

November 03, 2009

playing dress up is what i was born to do

Halloween this year was fun because I had 2 costumes!!!!

On Friday, at the Gift Foundation Gala.

A bottle of Cover Girl's pure ivory foundation will get any surfer as pale and smooth as Edward Cullen, except I forgot his hands : (....

Then on Saturday, since Edward didn't want to go out again, I simply could not be Bella alone. So I decided to make myself a new costume...