June 30, 2010


You know how they say that when you reincarnate, you supposedly move on to a better life? Well, such is true for the "rebirth" of certain pieces in my closet. Today I pull out one of the oldies again. This mesh dot, ruffle sleeve blouse is from my "sales associate" days at Bisou Bisou on Beverly Drive. I kept this top because I have an affinity for its Renaissance-esque sleeves. I had the same enthusiasm for this detail back then, except my fashion sense was not quite as "keen" yet . . . . . I remember wearing this with super low rise, LIGHT WASH Frankie B's. Errrrrrrr, yikes! So gross, right? 10 years later, a simple lace bra and eyelet culottes makes everything much better. A better balance of sexiness I hope. Who knows though, if I keep this top another 10 years, I might look back at this outfit and throw up in a my mouth a little bit. But for now, I like the new life it has.

top (bisou bisou, oldie) shorts, sock & bra (uo), shoes (nordstrom), head tie (bsky)

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  1. Hi Doll!! I am still a big fan of your bloggie!!!!! I know i need to post, I need to take pics, life has been so busy!!!!

    You are as drop dead as always!