December 27, 2010

Out with the old

You know how I like to refresh my wardrobe every once in a while? With a good closet cleaning of some styles I'm bored with for the moment? I sort out the "keep-for-laters"and then I refresh it with a few new pieces and/or I re-visit stored away goodies from a previous closet clean out and find new life in them.

Well, I tend to do this to our house too. Especially around the holidays because I'm already in the festive decorating mood. It's sort of an annual tradition for my mom and I to visit all the Ross' on the island during this time of year, because that's when they bring in the best furniture and home accent pieces. When I get bored of my house, it's as simple as switching out a few throw pillows, or picture frames, or moving around some furniture for an updated vibe.

This year I was smitten by a vinyl, retro-inspired, cream colored ottoman. It has cushions that flip upside down into trays and cleverly hidden storage beneath. So of course I had to replace my beige zebra print throw pillows with more modern graphic printed pillows. My mom is actually going to help me re-upolster the old zebra pillows with an off white fabric to mix in with the new pillows. I also scored a pair of metallic faux croc ottomans that nestle perfectly under my black stud embellished Parson's table (a piece from a previous "annual Ross trip") and a set of drawers. The best part is I refreshed my living room and dining area for under $200!!!

So here's some NOVICE re-decorating tips:
  • Find key piece that inspires you to build around. You must absolute adore it.
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money buying all new furniture, just switch out simple things like pillows, picture frames or even curtains. Think of how you revamp that classic black dress you own…. just change the accessories!
  • Make sure you buy things that are returnable. Sometimes it's hard to imagine everything together until you do a test run at home. If it's looks odd then at least you can take it back.
  • Don't bring your husband or boyfriend, unless he loves decorating too. It takes a long time to plan and envision all your new pieces. Much longer than when shopping for clothes ; )

lace layer dress (japan) crochet tank, shoes & tassel necklace (f21) beaded necklace (bsky)


  1. what kind of eyebrow products do you use? I love it!! subtle yet pretty none of that stick thin chola brows!

  2. Hi! Happy New Year!!! I use MAC eyebrow pencil in "Lingering". I was recently suggested this lighter color (before i used "Spiked") and I definitely love. It's a little more natural looking which I prefer over the dark, thin chola ones ; )