February 28, 2010

Sundays are fun days

My ideal Sunday is to wake up naturally (no alarm, no hang over), leave the house make-up free (eyebrows a must, however), have brunch with the hubby at either Mei Sum, Pineapple Room, Kaila or Diamond Head Grill, and then come home to lay in bed all day long and watch old movies playing on networks like USA, TBS, TNT or FX. (On the tube now: The Day After Tomorrow) Oh, and around 4 ish when the sun is low, but has the warmest tinge, I like to enjoy an ice cold beer on my back yard porch and reflect on all the blessings in my life.

That's pretty much how things went down today, except that I also had to catch up on making necklaces that were ordered during my week long bizcation. I can't complain though, we had a fun time exploring Waialae Ave this morning. I finally got to try out Cafe Laufer and it did not disappoint! You can get a sandwich anywhere, but the fresh french roll baked in house was to die for. And I would die twice for their chocolate chocolate chip muffin.

After, we went across the way to check out the other eateries in the area for future Sunday fun days. I've never tried Himalayan food, but we found this quaint place appropriately named "Himalayan Kitchen", that has a such a cozy LA vibe I must suggest it for my next "girl's night" dinner. It's tucked away on the second floor and has a cozy outdoor seating area complete with private gazebo.

Just below Himalayan Kitchen is a neat-o little store called "Sugar Cane." A locally owned shop of treasures! She carries quirky, one-of-a-kind, re-sell clothes, bags, accessories, knick knacks, trinkets and collectibles. Truly something for everyone. The decor is shabby chic perfection and even her hours of operation sign was genius! I could have spent all day in this 400 sq ft playground.

My purchases... A sea grass woven tote, some bowls and plates made of depression glass from the 30's and a couple of hammered sterling silver rings
Vinny just so happened to want to play when I laid these down to photo. He's precious!

top (brandy melville, bamboo sky), shorts (alternative apparel, catwalk), rings (le grand marquet), bracelets (vita, silver star), shoes (uo), bag (gucci)

February 25, 2010

3 cities, 3,000 photos, 3,000,000+ memories

Ok well may be not 3,000 pictures, but definitely more than 3,000,000 memories. I had an amazing 3rd annual Vegas, Big Bear and LA trip with my most favorite people in the world. This photo blog will be long, so grab some popcorn and your snuggies.

simple geometry

Taking inspiration from magazines featuring mix and match patterns for Spring, I opted for a combination of parallel lines, rhombus' and isosceles triangles. See, you DO use everything you learn in high school in your adult life. I wonder when and how AP calculus will apply?

Anywho, I'm at work, in the new office. I try to keep my corner clutter free and neat at all times. What you don't see is the crap load of stuff we're photo-ing, pricing and allocating behind the camera man. I swear I'm working, not just taking pictures of myself!

tank (pineapple county), skirt (uo), shoes (nordstrom rack), belt (metro park)

I know, I wear this belt a lot! So much so that it's dying. Notice the limpness? It's because the cheap faux leather is cracking :( Must find new skinny waist belt.