April 29, 2010

Must love dogs

You have been warned. The following blog contains high levels of cuteness.

April 27, 2010

What is Mario and Luigi's favorite thing to wear?

Denim, denim, denim! Haha, get it? Ok, that was my one idiotic thought of the day. Contributions of my jokester friend Keani. Speaking of denim, (how's that for a segue?), today I tried the denim on denim thing. Pretty hard trend to perfect. After many trial and errors, I think I learned a few tricks to getting it just right (at least for me anyway)

1. Make sure the denim pieces are tonal. The bluish undertones of both pieces should look related.

2. The two pieces should be at least 3 shades darker/lighter than each other. If they're too close in shade, then it just lands in the same fashion faux pas category as wearing new black with faded black. This is frowned upon.

3. Make sure the proportions are right. Bootcut and flare jeans look best with cropped sleeveless vests. Denim jackets and chambray shirts look best with denim mini skirts or high-waist shorts. Basically, don't hide or show too much all at once.

4. Add some sort of texture into the mix by wearing a printed tee. Either graphics, stripes or dots, but something to create a focal point

If all else fails, try some denim patchwork like these or these by Cheap Monday or make your own by checking out this super cutie from www.theseams.blogspot.com. Oh and just a shameless plug, but you can also check out Bamboo Sky's denim craze here and here.

jacket (f21), tee (wild fox, bamboo sky), shorts (aa), tights (bebe), shoes (fergie, nordstrom rack), super cool new ottomon (ross)

April 26, 2010

i hate it more when my camera battery dies!

Attended the MDA Soiree this weekend with a few of my besties and brother bear (who's in town for the week, yay!) This time I didn't forget my camera. Phew! But I forgot to charge the battery. Doh! So I only have a few pics. My friends have the other ones. You know, the ones that start getting better because we start getting drunker (i don't care if "drunker" is not a word) Anyway, while I patiently wait for them to send me their's and to appease my blog posting craving, I'll post some older ones of another fun night out.

April 21, 2010

Life's a Beach

It really can be if you remember to just breath. I've been crazy busy preparing for Bamboo Sky's 4 Year Anniversary Sale and today, my internet at the office went down. I wanted to tear my hair out and yell all kinds of profanity at the stupid modem. Why today? Of all days? I've got editing, uploading, downloading, html-ing, copying, pasting and emailing to do. After a few curse words and a mini tantrum, I had to remind myself to breath. It's not the end of the world! When you can clear you're head you think of other ways to get it done.

Vinny's life on the other hand, is pretty beachy all the time. He gets everything he wants all on the account of his cuteness. For him it's clear blue skies and sunshine everyday with little to no work at all. Must be nice!

The other day, we really did go to the beach. He ran like he never ran before as his little paws kicked up the sand beneath his belly, all the while barking for no apparent reason. Just a lot of excited energy involuntarily escaping his little voice box.

top (indah, bamboo sky), shorts (muse), platforms (jessica simpson), necklace (mary z's)

April 18, 2010

a mini reunion & a love affair

Finally got to meet up with one of my besties, Neysa during a buying trip. Just so happen that Linh was in town too! How perfect. We ate at Wokano in Santa Monica, then took some shots and striked some poses at Cameo Bar in the Viceroy hotel. Brother bear Terence and his roomie Jason were awesome company!
my heart forever
Neysa and I agree, "This green is actually growing on me"


So... I'm wearing a few things that will be in store for bamboo sky's 4 year anniversary sale this weekend (open knit oversized shrug & trapunto stitch jeggings) with a Spencer Graham blouse, unknown scarf, and bracelets from F21. PLUS, you may have noticed some new, fancy footwear. An early birthday gift from my thoughtful brother.... "Chic" gladiator platforms by Elizabeth and James!!! And so begins a new love affair...

April 13, 2010

you can call me princess tiffany

I keed, I keed! But I do feel like a spoiled princess in all this lace and tulle. Not an ideal day to wear this girly frock of frothiness though. It was so windy in Waikiki, I came 2 gusts aways from double stick taping the hem to my thighs.
So anyway, I made this ring, directly imitated from this super cool jewelry designer, LuvAJ. I found her through my 4 hour web-surfing session that started with an email from WhoWhatWear.com. 187 clicks later, voila! I highly recommend you get the real thing at:
Her's is so much "doper" (yah, I make up my own gramatically awkward words) and her other pieces are ah-mazing. I only made my own because I had just finished making necklaces and had some wire and chain remnants. Plus I'm trying this new thing where I don't buy anything until my birthday.
So..... Dear shopbop, shopnastygal, urbanoutfitters, bluefly, giltgroup, forever21, topshop and revolveclothing, I'm taking a brief hiatus. Don't worry, I still worship you all, but please halt all new arrival emails for 1 month.
Thanks, Princess Tiffany
dress (bamboo sky), necklace, hair pins, shoes (f21), stack of rings (japan), pinky ring (DIY)

April 09, 2010

Is it already July?

According to Mink Pink it is! We just got some cutie patootie dresses from this Australian based brand. I'm head over heels in love with the "4th of July" dress. Makes me wanna sip champagne and twirl some sparklers. Check out our other new arrivals at www.facebook.com/bamboosky