June 30, 2010


You know how they say that when you reincarnate, you supposedly move on to a better life? Well, such is true for the "rebirth" of certain pieces in my closet. Today I pull out one of the oldies again. This mesh dot, ruffle sleeve blouse is from my "sales associate" days at Bisou Bisou on Beverly Drive. I kept this top because I have an affinity for its Renaissance-esque sleeves. I had the same enthusiasm for this detail back then, except my fashion sense was not quite as "keen" yet . . . . . I remember wearing this with super low rise, LIGHT WASH Frankie B's. Errrrrrrr, yikes! So gross, right? 10 years later, a simple lace bra and eyelet culottes makes everything much better. A better balance of sexiness I hope. Who knows though, if I keep this top another 10 years, I might look back at this outfit and throw up in a my mouth a little bit. But for now, I like the new life it has.

top (bisou bisou, oldie) shorts, sock & bra (uo), shoes (nordstrom), head tie (bsky)

June 29, 2010

apples & peanut butter, leopard & lightning bolts

Apples & peanut butter is what I had for breakfast. An odd, but surprisingly delicious combination of flavors. Much like the leopard and lightning bolt prints I mixed in today's outfit.

I must admit that my recent fascination with head scarves is inspired by Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. She's so kick ass I can't stand it! Right up there with Nicole Richie, Mary Kate O, Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson. She's probably one of my favorite fashion icons right now. Actually, my top is designed by Rumi for RVCA!!!

top (rumi neely x RVCA), bra (hanky panky), pants (uo), head scarf (bsky), shoes (some where in vegas)

In other news, I'm still trying to learn about this beast of a camera we bought. I really wish I didn't think photography was for dorks in high school. Now who's the dork, Tiffany? Also, it sucks taking pictures of yourself, ahem, by yourself. I can't play with settings the way I want to so I made my friend Linh subject of my first test shots. Of course, with a subject as beautiful as she, I would get gorg pics anyway, but man I suck. I can't wait to get better….

June 28, 2010

working dogs

The best part about bringing the pups to work are moments like these...

Excuse the bitch face. I'm usually not smiling for facebook new arrival pics since I crop my head out anyway.

ps- new arrivals coming Friday July 2nd!!!!

June 25, 2010

channeling bret michaels?

Ewww, why would I do such a thing? I don't know, I think it's because this leopard head scarf reminds me of the greasy bandana he never takes off. Plus I don't wear as much eyeliner. So really, I don't know who I'm channeling. I just know that I love my cone studded shoulder vest by Aiko.

vest (aiko), tank (bsky…coming soon), shorts (erin wasson x RVCA), tights (aa), shoes (jessica simpson), headscarf & rings (f21)

what happens in Vegas…..

...makes for good blog material. sshhhaa-right! Here's the pg-13 photos of what the girls and I have been up to this past weekend. It was Linh's bachelorette party in Sin City. Let's just say Vegas won't be the same without us ; )

The first glass of wine at HNL airport

6 hours later…
Palm's Place suite, it's just how we roll

Shopping at Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops.
The first night,
nonchalant-ness at it's finest
Dinner at Craftsteak in the MGM.

On the way to Tao…
I love how Neysa's face just stands out in the crowd. What a beauty!
(some unmentionables here)
(and here)
The next day consisted of more shopping at Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops….
Sushi Roku
+ Scoop NYC
+ Intermix
+ Chipotle
= major damage

Getting ready for the party bus and Surrender

what happens next is only for our eyes!
ok, you can see one!

At Surrender where we had the best pool side bed table!

The next day, we head down to the pool at 5pm. We figure it's still sun out until at least 8pm and besides we don't want to burn.

Much to our disappointment all pools in Vegas close at 5pm! What the?!
So we make our own pool in the bathtub that sits in the middle of our living room
(truth or dare, 3 bottles of wine & hallway shannanigans occur here)
Then the next day…
Bye, bye Vegas. You will miss us!