October 24, 2010

A gray LA

Perhaps it was the grim, overcast weather that put me in the mood for gray. Or perhaps it was my new Sam Edelmans that put me in a rebellious, "I hate color" state of mind. Either way, I wrapped myself in black, white and grays and embraced LA's bleak skies for a day of fun with mom and brother. In retrospect, I really miss LA gloom. The cold air that fills your lungs in the morning when you first step out to start your day is like a jolt of caffeine. And quite honestly, I really miss being able to wear chunky sweaters, knee high boots, faux fur jackets and cashmere scarves without the sneers I usually get when I wear this stuff in HI. Because, yes, I'm that girl who does wear faux fur vests and knee highs in 80 degree weather.

Anyway, as Terence was helping me capture my lackadaisical ensemble, the sun pierced through for a brief moment, reminding me then, of how much I missed Hawaii.

sweater (f21), long sleeve (vince), jeans (uo), necklace, hat, bracelet, bag (bamboo sky), shoes (sam edelman)

October 18, 2010

keani's birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Keani's birthday with dinner at Mariposa and some galavanting through Edition hotel. I just have to say that I'm addicted to these girls (+ Neysa, who lives in LA now, boo). Every time we get together, we have the most candid conversations about the most unlady-like topics. Basically, we like to keep it real! : ) Happy birthday Keani. I love you x's 1,000,000,000.

pool deck

Christina Aguilera still in the hizzouse. Sadly I was playing around with no flash in morimoto's to get the gorgeous photo above when she strolled by, so this is all I got. Phewy! It's her shoulder, I swear. You can even sort of make out her light gray Herve Leger dress.

fire pit


lobby lounge

birthday bisous

I'm going to try my best to detail what my friends are wearing too. Just incase anyone is curious : )

me: dress (butik), headband (f21), purse (bamboo sky), shoes (sam edelman)
keani: dress (elizabeth & james ???), necklace (bamboo sky), shoes (louboutin), bag (chanel)
shauna: dress & necklace (bamboo sky), shoes (sergio rossi), bag (???), baby bump (her own)
linh: cardigan (uo), skirt (???), necklace (bamboo sky), shoes (mui mui)
sass: blouse (BCBG), skirt (???), shoes (aldo), earrings & purse (bamboo sky)

October 17, 2010

Edition, so major

This Friday, Shane and I attended the grand opening party to Edition Hotel. If you haven't been yet, it's an absolute, ABSOLUTE must. Hawaii's first high-end, contemporary "boutique" hotel with a truly LA/New York/Miami vibe. We mingled on the pool deck with the likes of Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, Whitney Port and Kevin Dilon, to brag about a few! Well, actually they were there, but I only saw crowds of people and flashing lights from a far. That proximity is gloat worthy enough for me, though! Hehehe.

I debated bringing my "good" camera, but regretfully decided against it. Every aspect of the Edition is master piece of contemporary, elite life style. I wanted to photo everything! Even the bathroom! So you can go here to check out a few pix instead. Everything is so chic, you can't help but to feel like you're a VIP or a celebrity when you arrive. And I'm not being pretentious, snobby or stuck up. Just go there, you'll see what I mean.

The best my "junk" camera could do, of sunset from the pool deck
me + sangria


I AM EXTREMELY UPSET ABOUT THIS!!!!! A result of falling into these cracks!
crazy box
dj anit… a haute bitch

Ha! See, I wasn't lying!!!

October 14, 2010

twenty one

Last night my love bugs and I went to Next Door to celebrate Kristen's 21st birthday. She looked like a dream when I saw her walking towards me across the darken dance floor in a show stopping 3.1 Philip Lim frock. Next Door's grunge-chic backdrop was the perfect contradiction for this angelic sight. Like art.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't remember looking this fabulous when I was turned 21. Actually my 21st birthday celebration involved a girl fight with 6 cholas, a black eye and some severely bruised egos. Unforgettable, but definitely not memorable. That's what I get for trying to sneak Sass into a seedy Burbank bar for well vodka mixed cocktails and Captain cokes. . . a delusional sense of confidence.

Anyway, back to fabulousness, Happy 21st Birthday Kristen!!!

top (shop.bamboosky.com), leather shorts (uo), booties & accessories (f21)

ps- dslr > p&s. I hate how slow my point & shoot operated and not to mention the picture quality is way substandard.

October 13, 2010

Technicolor Dream World

In love with this groovy, psychedelic dress. Best part is, only 5 bones!

dress (thrifted), hat (Eugenia Kim x Target), necklace (bamboo sky), shoes (jessica simpson)