December 27, 2010

Out with the old

You know how I like to refresh my wardrobe every once in a while? With a good closet cleaning of some styles I'm bored with for the moment? I sort out the "keep-for-laters"and then I refresh it with a few new pieces and/or I re-visit stored away goodies from a previous closet clean out and find new life in them.

Well, I tend to do this to our house too. Especially around the holidays because I'm already in the festive decorating mood. It's sort of an annual tradition for my mom and I to visit all the Ross' on the island during this time of year, because that's when they bring in the best furniture and home accent pieces. When I get bored of my house, it's as simple as switching out a few throw pillows, or picture frames, or moving around some furniture for an updated vibe.

This year I was smitten by a vinyl, retro-inspired, cream colored ottoman. It has cushions that flip upside down into trays and cleverly hidden storage beneath. So of course I had to replace my beige zebra print throw pillows with more modern graphic printed pillows. My mom is actually going to help me re-upolster the old zebra pillows with an off white fabric to mix in with the new pillows. I also scored a pair of metallic faux croc ottomans that nestle perfectly under my black stud embellished Parson's table (a piece from a previous "annual Ross trip") and a set of drawers. The best part is I refreshed my living room and dining area for under $200!!!

So here's some NOVICE re-decorating tips:
  • Find key piece that inspires you to build around. You must absolute adore it.
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money buying all new furniture, just switch out simple things like pillows, picture frames or even curtains. Think of how you revamp that classic black dress you own…. just change the accessories!
  • Make sure you buy things that are returnable. Sometimes it's hard to imagine everything together until you do a test run at home. If it's looks odd then at least you can take it back.
  • Don't bring your husband or boyfriend, unless he loves decorating too. It takes a long time to plan and envision all your new pieces. Much longer than when shopping for clothes ; )

lace layer dress (japan) crochet tank, shoes & tassel necklace (f21) beaded necklace (bsky)

December 25, 2010

All of us together again! I love the holidays!!!
Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas,

December 21, 2010

Days that make you *sigh*

Brother's home,
the sun is peeking,
got my lashes did,
wearing my beloved headband (again),
and just ate some Fatty's chow fun.

Today is a good day.

romper (marc jacobs) jacket & headband (f21) shoes (seychelles, bamboo sky) leather cuff & bag (bamboo sky)

December 20, 2010

market research

Haute M.I.L.F bestie, Shauna and I decided to check out the new Forever 21 in Waikiki yesterday. After all, Bamboo Sky Waikiki is just blocks from this behemoth of a fashion playground, so it's crucial for a boutique owner (moi) and a store manager (milf) to be familiar with the competition. We must try on E-VER-Y-thing in the store to make comparisons of how and why our merchandise is better or worse. This is very important business, you know?

So that's what we did... for almost 4 hours!!!!! Boasting 40,000 square feet, 3 stories, escalators and a staff of what felt like over 100 peeps at one time this is supposedly their biggest store in the chain! Needless to say, we mixed business with pleasure and did our fair share of contributing to the economy. What goes around comes around, right? I hope in this case for sure! : )

I would have taken more pics, but I was too busy nose deep in the racks. Over a next few blogs, I'm sure I will be mixing in some of the pieces I claimed during my……ahem, "market research."
just the beginning…
4 hours later, the "homework"
And so here I am today, actually only sporting a knit turban-like headband, which I absolutely adore. I want to wear it everyday with everything. I probably will. Just a warning.

Now I didn't really need to use this pic, but how could I not with the little buzzle man so stoic and serious in the background?

While "market researching": fur vest, stripe tank & bag (bamboo sky) jeans (seven for all mankind) boots (aldo)
Today: sweater, tank & bag (bamboo sky) skort & tights (uo) shoes (jc) headband (f21)

December 17, 2010

My good side

So I have this old DNKY french terry skirt, that I could never part with. I always loved the rolled raw edge hem and the idea of using "sweat pant" material for everyday pieces. Even though I owned this skirt, pre-Alexander Wang, I found a re-newed love for it because it reminds me of his intelligent use of casual fabrics in the most couture ways. I wish I owned more Alexander Wang : (

Anyway, by the looks of it, there must be something interesting off to my right. Either that, or I subconsciously decided that my left side, is my good side today.

jacket (an L.A. find) tank (bsky) skirt (old school DKNY) belt (thrifted, S.L.O.W) shoes (sam edelman) cuff (f21)

December 16, 2010

i like bed head

...amongst others random things. Been working a lot lately. No time for a personal fashion moment, but here's me, having vicarious fashion moments through my job. And yes, I actually do, do some of these things, but not the lip syncing part, well maybe…sometimes...perhaps. And I only kiss ONE boy for fun now. I bet you do at least one of these things, right?

Anyway, shameless plug goes here: "New arrivals available now at!!!"

December 13, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho

*Sigh* This is my favorite time of year and I have yet to soak in all the shopping madness. I actually love the cheesy Christmas music. It reminds me of the days my dad would play Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas on vinyl as my brother and I open presents (um, like last year) and I actually thrive off the crazy mall energy. If you're like me (always fashionably late) you probably haven't started shopping yet, or actually you have, but only for yourself. Shame on you! Tis the season for giving….to others! (winks)

Anyway, since I've been back, I have been working long and hard to come up with a cute gift guide from Bamboo Sky…. all under $50! I figure everyone has a variety of friends to shop for on their list, so I kind of styled the items into particular "girls" to give you an idea of how you can mix and match to meet your budget. Hope this helps a little. Good luck and fashionable holidays to you and yours!

ps- These items will be available in stores, Wednesday 12.15.10 and facebook pics of the goodies I brought back will be posted Tuesday night for your previewing pleasure.

pps- New arrivals for will be available by Thursday morning.

December 11, 2010

sheer romance

Still starry-eyed from last night's romantic meal and quality snuggle time I felt the urge to wear something flowy and sheer today. I'm in love with wearing things that cleverly expose a cute or edgy bra. It's so empowering. And a piece recently brought back to life, is this felt floppy hat from my days as a production assistant for Suzanne Somer's HSN apparel line. I think all girls should not only own a good fedora but a good floppy as well. It's feminine, classic and bohemian romantic. (Similar floppies will be available at bsky soon!)

hat (Suzanne Somers) blouse (coming to bsky soon! also available in off white!!!) skort (bsky) net bra (uo) shoes (jeffrey campbell) star ring (marquet) ring & necklace (f21)

December 10, 2010

Restaurant quality

Romance doesn't always have to mean a getting dressed up for a fancy dinner with expensive wine. Sometimes it only costs 10 for $10, an egg and a little bit of fun with nori. All while playing footsies on the couch together in your undies. I'm loving this cold "snuggle" weather!

saimin (saporro ichiban), vienna sausage, eggs and korean nori

December 09, 2010

I stand corrected

As we descended below the clouds and approached the California coast, I was expecting to see exactly what my iphone weather app told me to expect...a bleak, gray grid of concrete legos. However, I was pleased to see quite the opposite...a brightly lit, sun soaked city scape. Katy Perry’s, California Girls immediately played in my head.

A stroll through Abbot Kinney for some famous bagel crust pies.

Pretty much the biggest sun I know. So much for overcast skies.

Warm during the day, but still frost nippy at night. Hence 2 jackets.

December 05, 2010

Just another day in paradise

Today was ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous. A perfect winter day in Hawaii. The sun was full of love and painted the sky a beautiful teal hue. The lush, green mountains in the distance stood and strong proud against blue backdrop. And the air was a cool 75 degrees.

I was a little disheartened at the thought that I might have to spend the day in doors, doing laundry and packing for a trip to LA tomorrow, where it's overcast and about 48 degrees at night. How could anyone possibly think about packing warm clothes on day like this. On a day when the beach is just calling your name?

So I didn't.

I threw on my suit, packed up Vin and said, "Forget it. Packing can wait, even if I have to wear the same thing for 5 days"

zazzle & buzzle. heart.

So here it is, 10:40 pm and I still haven't packed.