March 28, 2011

beautiful things

My first beautiful announcement today is that Shauna's baby Rhyder is here!!!! A healthy 7.5 lb little angel, perfect in every way. I'll have to refrain from posting a picture of him until she' s ready to post her own pics on FB, but I can say, that if the overwhelming joy I had for Rhyder today is any testament to how I will be when my bun is here, then she's in for some serious, SERIOUS lovin. Congratulations again to my love bug and her family!

Second, my brother moved home today and is here to stay!!!! Now my whole family is here in Hawaii and it warms me to bits knowing that everything dearest to my heart is only 5 minutes away. I adore our simple family dinners at home and now it's so much easier for me to bug him whenever I want. It's funny how when we were young, he was the little bug-a-boo tag along…. now, it's me. Always calling him for no reason, "Hi. Whatcha doin?"

And the last beautiful thing I want to share is about our sweet little Laurie. This past Saturday, she competed in the 59th Cherry Blossom Festival Ball. I was so impressed by her composure, grace and confidence, it brought me to tears. Laurie is the sweetest, most humble girl I know… the kind that's made of pure sugar. Congratulations Laurie, on a very special accomplishment! I'm so proud of you!

jumper, cuff & ring (f21) jade bracelet (chinatown) rope link ring & bag (bamboo sky) espadrilles (louboutin)

ps- apparently it was a wide pant kind of day : )


  1. tiffany i heart your jumper so much!!!! you look so happy and glowing :)

  2. 1. i heart rhyder!
    2. welcome home terence! now you have an awesome photographer to document everything = more blogging! haha
    3. laurie is amazing!

  3. So is laurie now part of the court?! i'm in the SF one!! I'd love to meet her!!!


  4. Hi anonymous,
    No, Laurie did not make the court, but she did very well despite that!!! Congratulations to you! That's an awesome achievement and will be an amazing, memorable experience!