February 22, 2011

Coming soon to your closet…AND mine

Last week Shane and I were busy jet setting from HI to LV to LA to SD. All in the name of Bamboo Sky of course! We visited our all our favs like Veronica M, Mink Pink, Brandy Melville, Evil Twin, Wild Fox, Siwy, LA Fine and so on, but we also found some super cool new lines that I can't wait to get in! Oh, and also, welcoming to the Bamboo Sky family….. Je-ffrrrreeeeey Caaaamp-bellllll (said in the most enthusiastic, Oprah kind of way) Stay tuned for our emails and facebook updates.

you are going to seriously die over the Wild Fox stuff.

Michelle Siwy, the beauty AND the brains behind our most coveted brand of denim… Siwy!

jacket & turban thingie (f21) tee (pop killer), hooded sweater (nordstrom), tights (uo), boots (DSW San Fran) bag (bamboo sky) sunnies (marc jacobs)

ps- we got more of these bags in!!! If you're on the wait list you'll be hearing from us tomorrow!

February 21, 2011

Dress to the beat of your own drum

Playing dress up is not quite the same for a 30+ year old fashionista as it is for a 3 year old fashionista. I learned this while in San Diego this past weekend, playing the best game of dress up I EVER played with my two nieces, Ella (8) and Eden (3). When I suggested to Eden the coordinating pieces, she made me feel really uncool when she said, “No, I like this one better.” LOL!!! And you know what? It was better! Her keen sense of color combinations and effortlessly layered looks can not be taught even in the best schools. A true fashionista is born with these talents and I couldn’t have put it together better myself.

It sort of reminded me of the episode in Friends when Phoebe gets Rachel to jog “out of the box”, hands and legs flailing vigorously to the off beat. As quirky (and humiliating) as it was, Rachel realized it was so much more fun to do it that way. Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to dress according to a standard that it gets to be more of a chore than it is fun. So don’t be surprised if one of these days I decide to wear mismatched shoes and every color of the rainbow in one outfit.

Anyways, we played and played and played. Then Eden got bored and disappeared! Hahaha! Ella and I continued the fun with the next best thing....drawing pictures of outfits.

she's a natural!

February 20, 2011

City By The Bay: Day 4 & 5

So finally, our last days in SF. Back to the wharf we go for crab chowder and a ferry ride to Sausalito. Basically, we did all the touristy stuff I was trying to avoid doing, but I was not disappointed at all. We were so blessed to have the beautiful weather and I loved the trolley rides, walking the pier, the food and shopping in the city. Next time (oh yes, there will be many "next times") I will expand my horizons and venture more outside the city. Things I would like to do upon returning to this gorgeous city…. bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, visit some museums, go to more of the spots some readers have recommended and see the red woods on a road trip to Napa.

Her first onesie from Gigi & Rose in Ghirardelli Square. I look at it almost everyday and giggle to myself in anticipation of how frick'n cute her little butt will be wrapped in a puff of tulle.
That night, Shane and I are pooped so we skip dinner with the gang and just head to a ramen shop near our hotel. I was seriously overdressed, but I figure, "Ehh, what the heck, my last night in SF. I'll make it a fashionable one". We all eventually meet up in our room for the last night cap, where the boys had beers and cupcakes and the girls wined and gabbed.

On our last day, we wanted to have breakfast at a cool joint before parting ways (Sara & Linh headed to Napa, Shane & I were headed home). We had no idea where to go so I just yelped "popular breakfast in San Francisco." This place called Red Door came up at the top of the list. As I read the reviews, they were mostly 5 stars, but there was some debate about the "attitude" of the restaurant here and there. Despite this, what really enticed me to try Red door anyway was the overwhelming review of how great the food was. You should go here to read more about Red Door.

When we got there, everything was as described by yelpers. From the intimidating rules posted outside (which reminded me of the soup nazi) to the quirky decor. Needless to say, my experience was absolutely superb! I seriously don't know what people have to complain about. Yes, Ahmed (the openly gay owner) can be overbearing (if you're a stick-in-the-mud prude), but HE is exactly what makes the whole experience so fun and memorable. We all loved his tell-it-like-it-is attitude and were rolling in laughter as he flirted with our boys. So if you're one who is easily offended then don't bother going there. You'll be doing him a favor and saving room for a party that will really appreciate his antics anyway. And yes, the food was excellent! From the savory flavors to the flamboyant presentations (ie: hanging sausages, explosion of mini umbrellas and mismatched dish ware). I'd say, Red Door is all about "over the top" and if you know me, then you'll know that it's just my kind of place! I highly recommend!

I don't usually take pictures of food, but these were worth documenting. We all shared the French Toast Josephine.
Shane's open face bacon lover's special.
I kid you not, I devoured everything on this plate.

He loved us.
But he loved them more.
Luckily we got there early. The line was 10 parties deep by the time we left.
Before we head to the airport, I check out H&M. I tried all this on, but nothing fit my growing belly. Farewell San Francisco! We'll be back soon.