November 22, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like… Black Friday

Unrelated to the post title, I wore this to work the other day.  It was a long, busy day of shooting the new arrivals so I had to dress as comfortably as possible.  I usually rely on my trusty ole' Siwy Camilla cut off's on these days.  And the trench? Aaahhh, the trench! This was my only purchase from H&M during our San Francisco trip while I was 6 months pregnant (it was the only thing that fit) and it's my first time wearing it.  Perfect for our chilly office.  I love the classic khaki color with my mint chunky sweater from the new arrivals! BTW, this sweater will be available on Friday!!! 
sweater, belt, shorts, shoes (bamboo sky) trench (h&m)

And now, this is what I mean by "It's beginning to look a lot like Black Friday"
We have so many new arrivals, I'm excited to re-merchandise my store!!! And I'm absolutely head over heels with each and every single piece from this buy.  My favorites include a orange fuzzy crop jacket, a open knit long sleeve sweater dress, a long leopard cardigan dress, all the chunky knit sweaters, a pleated color block hem dress, a fringe shoulder macrame top…. well, who am I kidding? I love it all.
You can check out most of our new arrival looks here. Have a wonder Thanks Giving and see you all Friday!
Eat. Drink. Be merry…. and shop hard ; )

November 09, 2011

Brrrr, it's cold out!

sweater & suede fringe clutch (bamboo sky) shorts, bangle & necklace (f21) cuff (house of harlow) shoes (dolce vita)

Yay for cold(er) weather!  Even if it is just the slightest bit of morning chill,  it's all the excuse I need to revisit my sweater drawer.  I really miss that about living in Los Angeles…the fall weather that requires sweaters, coats, scarves and LAYERS!  I love how Aimee of Song of Style has been layering her pieces lately.  She's always on point.

Another master of layering that I swoon over is Bee from Atlantic-Pacific.  Not only is she brilliant at layering, but she really knows how to mix & match pieces from different labels & designers to affordable & high end all in one outfit.  She always looks like she stepped right off the page of a fashion editorial!

Anyway,  I kind of went off on a tangent. My point was, that I'm so looking forward to the 75 degree weather here in paradise.  And, I'm excited about traveling to SD & LA next week wherein I will take full advantage of weather that truly warrants layers and sweaters. But for now, here's a simple light weight sweater that's just right for the moderate "chill."

November 06, 2011

Neons Neow!

sweater (f21) shorts (oldie but goodie) shoes (seychelles, via marc jacobs cuff

Ever since I did our vlog about color blocking last week, I've been determined to infuse more color into my personal wardrobe.  But not just bold color…bright NEON color! My closet at a quick glance, is mostly neutral (lots of cream, ivory, beige, gray and black), which is the perfect foundation for pairing with said NEONS.  This sweater is quite blinding, so I subdued the color by pairing it with beige while strolling through Chinatown this morning. I'm absolutely smitten by this sweater so you can bet you'll be seeing it again… and again (and again)

ps- There's something extra cute about the last pic. Do you see? Do you see? : )
pps- Referring to the vlog, does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice too? I'm so squeaky!

November 03, 2011

"I have NOTHING to wear!"

blouse (style by marina) skort (uo) ring (spiral girl) cage shoes (boutique 9)

How many times have you uttered these words to yourself?  When ever I spew out "I have nothing to wear", I immediately slap myself for being making such a bratty statement. But sometimes, Im really uninspired by the duds hanging in my closet.  Part of my problem is that I impulse buy. Seldom do I buy outfits and I never think about how that piece will work with anything I currently own. So when it comes time to mix and match in my closet, it takes forever. This was the third outfit I put on before finally leaving the house the other day (all older pieces).  I don't really even know what look I'm going for here, but I was satisfied with the combination of beige, white and black. 

November 02, 2011

Willow's 1st Halloween

So heeeeere's Willow!!!  Celebrating her first Halloween at 4 1/2 months old, as a kitty cat.  My parents actually bought her this costume a couple of months ago and I've been dying to debut her in it.  I will admit, however, that she did wear it around the house a few times just for mommy's kicks. Coincidentally, she happens to almost look like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, so it worked out perfectly as a family costume theme. 

We joined the Chans for trick or treating at Kahala Mall, where upon I squealed with glee when I laid my eyes on Rhyder the bubba-licious lion.  Karter (Shauna's 6 year old) dressed as Bobafet.  He was busy standing in line collecting candy. The mall was crazy packed with babies, kiddies, mommies and daddies all dressed up.  I knew I was pushing my luck when I asked Shane to wear the make-up again.  At least he wore the ridiculous wig even though he kind of looks like Willa Wonka. Hahaha!
Hahaha Jack (my brother)! I don't know if you can see it, but there's the tiniest, little, slit of a hole below Jack's nose from which he could "see".  Needless to say, he had to hold on to the stroller to be guided through the mall the entire time. LOL!
"Mommy, what happened to your hair?"