April 14, 2012

We're better when we're together

Neysa came home for a quickie visit!!! Woot woot.  Which was the perfect reason to escape mommy duties twice in one week. First, we celebrated her belated birthday at Salt in Kaimuki (minus Linh, boo).  Holy shaaat, the food was crazy D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. As a matter of fact, I'm currently drooling as I recall my first taste of the brown butter gnocchi.  I'm normally not into these pretentious tapas-type places, but I'll turn a blind eye if the food is as memorable as this place. I recommend trying everything we ordered. You will not be disappointed. [My] overall rating for this joint is a 10 for food, 7 for ambiance and 5 for service. It's not that the service was terrible, but I think the flavors speak so much for itself that it doesn't need overly attentive servers trying to make up for any slack in the food department.  Oh and thanks to Shauna, it turned into one of those silly prop nights. Leave it to us to make a mockery of pretension. 
1. Roasted Local Beet Salad
2. Smoked Ahi Stuffed Piquillos
3. Oxtail Empanadas
4. Confit Pork Belly Sandwich
5. Steamed Mussels
6. Hook, Line and Sinker
7. Steamed Duck Breast
8. Brown Butter Gnocchi

Then a few nights later we headed to DASH for some old school shits and giggles. I was super glad to be with ALL my girls, but was quickly reminded of how old I was when I became annoyed that I had to yell over the totally-normal-for-a-sports-pub decibels and when I kept yawning at 11pm.  I wasn't yawing because I was bored by any means, it's just that I'm normally in PJ's and playing on my computer in bed by 9pm.  You can also tell that these meet-ups are rare because….why are we so dressed up for a gastropub???  When we walked in, I kind of felt a little bit ridiculous, but at least we were all dressed up with someplace to go.  Anyway, I love us! We're totally better when we're together.  Come home again soon Neys (like for Willow's 1st b-day if you can!!!!!)
at Salt: blouse (kova and T) necklace (bamboo sky)
at Dash: top & shorts (spiral girl) healing crystal necklace, spike bracelet, leopard clutch, ring (bamboo sky) long necklace (house of harlow) shoes (aldo)


  1. omg tiff!! i'm loving ALL your food pics!!! hand clap! man, i really have to go back to salt. the gnocchi and pork belly burger sound AMAZINGGG. oh and oxtail empanada...YUMMM. my food list in hawaii gets longer and longer by the hour.

  2. The food looks delish! Ahhh, all you ladies look super hot. Don't you just love when friends come to visit?! It's always a blast. Btw, loving your outfit at Dash, isn't Spiral Girl the best!! Super cute how you paired the top with the shorts and I can't get over those aldos of yours!



  3. i love us. we are the best. let me know the date for willow's 1st bday asap so i can keep an eye out for flights. xx!

  4. what lipstick color/brand are you wearing?

    1. Hi judy! I'm wearing "Girl About Town" from MAC. It's my absolute go to fav. It stays on and doesn't bleed!
      Thanks for reading!