May 01, 2012

just some things to drool over...

Told ya we're not closing! Would I ever do that yo you guys???? Or to myself actually? LOL. This is my passion and the fiyah still burns strong!  I have so many posts to catch up on,  even on WWW, but right now I've been too busy with the renovations.  Cant wait to see you all on Friday for our 6 year Anniversary Sale! Until then, it's ok to drool… ; )


  1. That first blouse has my name written all over it. Dang, I wish I could be there this Friday.. heck, we didn't even make it to Oahu this past weekend, because I'm still nursing a freakin' cold. It totally sucks being sick. But my body is definitely getting the rest it deserves, so I'm thankful.

    Happy 6 years to Bamboo Sky, Tiff! Yippee. Hopefully I can make it there over the summer.. and we can finally meet up. :) I hope you've been well.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Ohhh, that jacket is killer! I'm pretty sure the store got wiped out ;) Happy Anni to Bsky! Keep rockin' hawt clothes Tiff! <3