January 10, 2012

A Little Bit of Rock n' Roll

vest & stud bracelet (f21) shorts (RVCA x erin wasson) tank (sincerely jules) steer head necklace, ringclutch (shop.bamboosky.com) 
turq necklace & talon cuff (basique threads) shoes (boutique nine) sunnies (marc jacobs)

I originally bought this suede fringe vest with a boho direction in mind, but when I paired it with my Sincerely Jules "Pretty Young Things" tank, I felt a little bit rock and roll. Especially with my atm fav leopard clutch that matches everything. BTW, I really love this tank.  Unlike my brandy melville tanks, which I love for the oversize fit, this one fits exactly right. I don't have to worry about Willow pulling down on the neckline and exposing my bubbies for the world to see (a recent fascination of hers). Speaking of whom, below is her next WWW post. 


cardigan & leggings (baby gap) "Grandma's Favorite" tee (Ross)

Like mommy, I love to mix and match patterns too.  I wore my leopard cardigan with striped leggings to Boots & Kimo's on NYE morning where I had my first taste of macadamia nut pancakes.  Pancakes are officially on my top three, next to applesauce and sweet potatoes. 

January 09, 2012

The First of Firsts

Lately, I've been boasting about Willow's many firsts, so I figured it's best to back up my bragging with hard evidence of these adorable moments, with a very first of my own…. video!!! Actually, it's Shane's work.  He got a "Go Pro" video camera for his surf board this Christmas (from my brother) and has been addicted to playing around on iMovie ever since.  Works out for me because I get to sit back and enjoy his creations and steal them for my blog. He just started using the program and threw these videos together using iMovie's templates, but I must say, if you knew how technically challenged Shane was, then these are absolute works of genius. Lol, love you zazzle! Hope you enjoy the product of Shane's new hobby, starring the apple of our eyes…

New Year's Day spent at Ala Moana Beach Park. Willow's first time walking on sand and swimming in the ocean.

The next weekend, we took her to the zoo for the first time.

And here are some stills from the beach day.

January 06, 2012

Holiday Hangover

The annual besties' Secret Santa & White Elephant dinner party is always the year end finale I look forward to.  This year, I suggested that we do an intimate dinner, pot luck style, at one of our houses and by "one of our houses", I meant Linh's. Hahaha.  But only because her house is baby-free and big enough to contain the drunken mischief that was sure to ensue. I thought it would be fun to bring our own dishes and wear comfortable clothes, but of course in classic Linh-form, she hired a personal chef instead. So then obviously, comfortable attire totally not appropriate which worked out well for all of us 'cause I know we all love a reason to get fancy shmancy. 

***Note to Linh: Linny, I didn't mean to impose by suggesting your place, but if you keep being this good to your friends, I don't mind imposing more often, just saying ; ) Lol! Thank you for hosting the most exquisite dinner party!

Anyway, the food was crazy amazing! Just take a look at the menu below.  Did someone say "truffle"… two times?! The Mong Chong was cooked to perfection and there's nothing like pop rocks on lychee sorbet to top it off.  As usual, we do a theme and this year was anything animal (furs, feathers, prints, etc) and since I already wore my leopard fur coat the other night, I decided to literally go as an animal, a bunny to be exact. I brought a tuxedo clad Vinny aka "Jiggy, so he could play with Linh's Yorkies, but she had Roger take them to her parents. Poor Vin, all dressed up and no one to harass. After dinner, we exchanged presents and had knots-in-your-stomach laughter over the white elephant gifts. Pics of such fun will be posted in facebook only. One of the best presents though, was from Shauna.  A book she made of the 6 of us since the beginning. Tear. 
The "venue"
color blocking 
seriously? i ate like a dozen of those
louboutin + balenciaga
us, missing neysa : (
the beautiful host
dress (style stalker via bsky) leopard clutch (shop.bamboosky.com) shoes (balenciaga, xmas gift from mommy!)

I rang in the New Year with a few of the besties at Shauna's house, where Keoni again, out did himself and cooked up the most scrumptious Hawaiian food evar!!!! You can see some of the dishes from last year here.  I didn't take too many pictures because I brought Willow to play with Rhyder. As usual though, when one was awake, the other was sleeping. Then I ended up leaving for a bit to put Willow down at my parents and came back just in time to welcome 2012.  No matter, I love these special moments with my bestest friends. 

Also, while I was somewhat appreciative that they cracked down on fire works for Willow's sake (I was nervous, how she would sleep through the night), I have to say, NYE in Hawaii really sucks without the illegal fireworks. Like, really sucks. It's just not the same. 
tank (brandy melville) cardigan & shorts (bamboo sky) shoes (JC Elegant)

So after such an adventurous 2011, it's hard to say good bye to it. But, hello twenty twelve! I know we'll make this year even better.

January 04, 2012

Willow's first Christmas

Yay, we made it through another year! Except this time, we had the greatest pleasure of having baby Willow bless our lives for the latter part of the year.  So many amazing first moments have happened in the past 6 1/2 months, including her very first Christmas and my family made sure it was a special one, filled with love, joy and laughter.  Mom made pancakes and omelets for breakfast, Dad made sure that Alvin & The Chipmunks Christmas Carols was playing (it's a tradition) and Terence made sure the tree was over flowing with gifts for Willow.  Even the dogs participated in the fun. It was an exciting experience to have her open her first gift, and her second, then her third, but we soon realized that trying to make her savor each present opened could take us well into the night. So we started tearing them open for her. And of course, of all the toys she got, she loved the wrapping paper and ribbons the most. A few days later, we took Willow to see the Christmas lights down town.  Here's a summarized photo diary of her Christmas season. Believe me, being the first child/grandchild means pictures of EVERYTHING! The poor kid has a lens in her face 24-7.