February 27, 2012

arm candeh!

all candy from bamboo sky:
double arrows (coming to shop.bamboosky.com this week)
knotted turquoise (old)
seed bead rhinestone bar bracelets (in stock)
candy colored skulls bracelet (in stock)
rhinestone cross bracelet (in stock)

blue suede shoes

outfit 1: tank (brandy melville) jeans (uo) shoes (aldo)
outfit 2: button up (f21) jeans (express) shoes (aldo) bracelets & belt (bamboo sky)

Apparently blue [suede shoes] are my latest obsession. As seen in a recent post of our trip to LA/LV/SD and if you've noticed in most of Bamboo Sky's new arrival stylings lately, I'm infatuated with my blue suede corset lace up shoes.  I love the "richness" of royal blue and it's the perfect pop of color for color blocking.  Basically as versatile as black in my book.  I've been wearing the corset shoes so much lately that I almost forgot about these blue suede pumps I had from last summer. I bought them because I liked the idea of a traditional pump in a nontraditional color.  I also wanted something that was platform-free for my everyday looks (obviously, I save the hooker platforms for my night escapades).  I was so happy I remembered them that I wore them two days in a row!!!

On another note,  I'd like offer my review on the 2 colored skinnies I'm wearing.  As we all know, colored skinnies are a must for spring!  The coral ones, from Express, are quite old, so I'm not sure if they're still available there.  These were around $50 (on promo) if I recall correctly and fit perfectly in the fitting room, but by the time you spend a whole day in them, they become stretched out in the knee and butt area.  Also, the denim feels papery. These are not the worst fitting jean however, I've owned ones that stretched out much worse, so these get a 6 out of 10. I think a fuller figured body type would fit these best.  Not only do I need more junk, but I need a bigger trunk. I'm like a mini cooper back there, waaaahhhh : (

The kelly green beauties are BDG from Urban Outfitters ($59).  I can't say that I love all BDG jeans because they use different denim for different cuts, but this mid-rise skinny fits like a dream!  Super taught in all the right places with the perfect amount of stretch.  These remained "skinny" through two wears without washing. The mid-rise is perfect for half-tucking and God help me, now I want them in all the colors!!! I would say that this particular BDG cut fits most body types because the denim is supportive whether you're curvy or narrow and the stretch factor is just the right amount for comfort, but doesn't loose its' shape by the end of the day.  I give these a 9.5 out of 10 (.5 shy of perfect just because I'm saving room for when I fine THE ultimate jean)

So go out and get yourself some colored skinnies people!!! Of course I have to plug that Bamboo Sky has some really rad mint and lilac ones!!! I love these because they're different from the bold color skinnies that are out there. They're PASTEL!!! The fit on these land somewhere in between the two I speak of above. So not bad considering they're on $44!

PS- Isn't Rambo a handsome lover?!

February 22, 2012

Round 2

Yups, I love this jacket. Wore this yesterday while we ran around Kaka'ako shooting the new arrivals. People seem to love our new direction (outdoor shots), so we're trying to do it more often.  Buuut, it is quite a bit of work so this time I couldn't photo everything form my buying trip.   
Stop by tomorrow to see it all, but for now check out my fav's here!
jacket (old, shop.bamboosky.com) tank (bamboo sky) "slasher shorts" (Mink Pink) shoes (Balenciaga) 

February 20, 2012

leather jackets + dresses

Leather jackets and girly dresses or skirts are mah new favorite things.  I love the contrast of feminine juxtaposed with edgy and the fact that leather is so versatile... going from fall into spring/summer.  I must admit, however, this is not a real leather jacket, it's just a really good faux leather. It's from shop.bamboosky.com (no longer available), but it was the last medium on SALE for the LONGEST time and no one got it!!! Hey, I gave it a fair chance to go home with some one else before I scooped it up for myself.

You know, people always tell me, "You're so lucky. You have your whole store to dress from," but honestly, I seldom get high off my own supply.  Often times, when I do finally rock something from my store, it's either the last size large, a damage, or it's been lingering on the sale rack for a while. 

Anyway, we just got back from our twice yearly SD, LV, LA trip.  Willow is quite the traveler.  Probably has more miles than most 8 month olds I know.  It was her 3rd trip to the West Coast and her 2nd time attending Project/Magic. Buyer in training, lol!

And I just have to brag…she was such an angel! We could not have asked for a more pleasant, peaceful, and patient baby.  Despite all the time spent in her stroller and car seat, she was always happy and never fussed once.  She ate well, slept well and was such a delight to have around.  We are so blessed!
Outfit 1: jacket (shop.bamboosky.com) sweater (helmut lang) skirt (style by marina) shoes (michael antonio
Outfit 2: dress (uo) scarf (vintage) loafers (jc) bangles (marc jacobs) pyramid stud bracelet (f21)