October 20, 2013

Weekend Warrior

In the presence of brilliance with designer Ari South of Andy South.
In size order
Grand Stone Headband (J. Crew) dress (old Style Stalker via Bamboo Sky)
A cute and stylish couple
My snuggle wuggle bear.
Loved her dress.
Pretty much stalked her.

This incredibly hot piece of ass. 
Mood lighting.
Back story: We called Keani, "Nose" because she really does have the perfect Asian nose.  The kind people pay lots of money to have, but still can't achieve. It's truly a marvelous nose.
double triangle necklace (Pi CollectionCrystal Chevron Link Necklace (J. Crew)

Typically limiting myself to one nocturnal jaunt involving hard alcohol per month (if even that), I had THREE consecutive nights of social fun this past weekend. Thursday was technically a work related event (Shopatini) but when you can drink while working it sort of lands in the social category.  Friday, Sass invited Shauna and I to Hawaii's Euro-cinema Awards Gala (a super swanky event that provided me the opportunity to get REALLY dolled up) and Saturday we celebrated Keani's birthday with dinner at Hiroshi's followed by drinks and dancing at The Modern. Sunday was consequently spent nursing the weekend's torment on my mind, body and soul.  DIED… actually still dying.


  1. Hi..what's on your lips from the gala event?

  2. Lovely pictures! What camera do you use?

    1. This was just using my old Canon Point & Shoot. I do editing in photoshop to create more mood and I love playing with no flash because of the artsy feel you get. But it's really hard because your subject(s) and you have to be really still. Not always and ideal request when you're drinking. Lol. In the food pictures from Keani's bday dinner you can see that we used Shauna's phone flash light to take the pictures. This way I could turn off my flash and avoid that stiff, non-dimensional (sometimes over exposed) look you typically get from flash photos.

  3. ahhh good food pics!! love that jcrew necklace.

    PS- how did I not think to use iphone flashlight for dark food pics?! I've actually been struggling with that recently! HELLO!