November 09, 2013


So what have I been up to lately? Oh you know…. just collaborating and designing my very own line of jewelry with local talent, Lauryn Chin of Pi Collection!!!! After seeing her geometrically inspired pieces I was more than eager to carry Pi Collection at Bamboo Sky. So when we met up a month ago, I assumed I would be placing an order from her current line, but a ton of "Ooo's" and "Ahh's" later,  she suggested that we develop an exclusive line specifically reflecting my personal style. And voila, PI x THF was conceptualized.

Staying cohesive to her geometric look, I went to work conjuring up shapes on shapes & shapes in  shapes….triangles, rhombus', crescents, parallelograms, trapezoids, squares and even upside down squares (lol).   I went a little nuts doodling all sorts of interesting transformer-like creatures, but essentially I wanted everyday pieces that were versatile to many moods.  I ended up with a collection that's quite minimalistic when worn individually, but that could easily be layered.  Everything is hand crafted (by Lauryn) out of 14k gold fill and guess what? The prices are sooooooo reasonable. We're talking $20- $40 reasonable. So there you have it, these are just a few pieces from the PI x THF line that's about to drop next week! I'll be posting pics of the rest later.

In other CAPital letter news….

Lookie…… PHI x THF!!! Got to meet the one, the only Tramanh of Phi-style while she was in my hood a couple weeks ago.  Seriously, it was like meeting a celebrity for me cos I lub her bloggie so muchie! Goes without saying that she even radder IRL (and she has magical hair). As we "got to know each other" I randomly thought to myself, I miss talking to people with "mainland" accents. They e-nun-ci-ate everything. But then again, that's not really an accent, it's proper English.  Sure tell sign of an educated up bringing.  I like fashionable people, but more over I love smart people.


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    1. yep, get excited, dick and balls come'n atcha. hahahaha

  2. LOL OUR PHOTO! So awkward, I love it. Was really fun hanging with you and meeting your friends! Thanks for hooking it up at DA CLUB, my friends all had a really good time. Your next trip = SEATTLE. =)

  3. haha we're spooning. yes seattle is a must!