April 29, 2014

The Cargo

jacket & top (old F21) Jolt knot hem cargo shorts (Nordstrom) purse (topshop) sandals (target)

Well into my 2nd trimester, it's getting increasingly more difficult to wear separates as my little peanut begins to require more real estate and layering 3-4 pieces of clothing minimum is usually standard for me. The reality that I will soon be wearing just dresses depresses me a little bit so last weekend I went out and bought a couple pairs of Jolt brand cargo shorts.

As introduced to me in my last pregnancy by Shauna, I remembered how much I appreciated this junior brand because of the reasonable price, smocked waist band and low front rise.  If you've been pregnant, you'll understand how crucial a low rise front is to your comfort because no matter how stretchy the waist band, as your tummy gets bigger, there's less and less room for fabric from your crotch to the waistband of your pants.  And Lord knows high rise anything makes you look like humpty dumpty.

I was already searching for a great pair of khaki colored boyfriend cargos a la Sincerely Jules style (for post pregnancy), so I was quite thrilled to see that Jolt had cargo pocket styles.  I could easily wear them for about one more month and after as well!  Although I'm definitely more fond of the really roomy ones that hang on your hip bones in the most boyishly sexy way, these will work just fine for the price and fit.  I picked up this khaki green color and a pale rose color.  Just a little note, the sizes run small (a size 1 is equivalent to a size 00/23).

Post pregnancy, here are the cargo/utility shorts (and the sandals I would wear them with) that I have my eye on.


  1. Hey Tiff! What's your take on the ugly shoe trend? Everyone's wearing Birkenstocks now and even Rumi Neely bought the Balenciaga versions of Tevas. Yes? No? If yes, can do do a post on how to style them?

  2. Hi Cindy! I'm on the fence, but I just posted a new entry in response to your comment! Thanks for reading!