May 05, 2014

The Summer Sandal

F21 dress (worn as top cos my little peanut), Camilla shorts (Siwy), bag (bamboo sky), rings (old bamboo sky), Kira Hawaii bracelet, PI x THF bangles (bamboo sky), Pure Joy necklaces (bamboo sky), Barachel sandals (Free People)

Recently, someone asked me what I thought about those Birkenstock sport sandals that top bloggers have been donning lately.  Personally, I can not bring myself to wear them at the moment.  However, unlike the Litas which I will never acknowledge as a fashion do, I don't completely disagree the Birkenstock trend.  They're pretty chic when worn EXACTLY the right way,  but there are also so many ways it could go ABSOLUTELY wrong.  I feel like you need to be a super fashion maven to do them true justice because they can look very sloppy. Also, if you grew up in Hawaii like me, it probably reminds you all to well of the 90's Flo-Jo's w/ socks trend. In my day, boys (and girls) wore this to school with oversized tee's and P.E. shorts. I mean seriously, so gross. So while I may not be able to give you styling tips on how to wear the revived Birkenstock sandal (cos i just don't know!), here are a few images I found that have me [sort of] contemplating getting a pair….
All sporty/casual with the right about of relaxed fit and proportions in layers
And a couple that make me change my mind….
L: So where exactly are you going? To a cocktail party or a dorm party?
R: Really, you couldn't find cuter shoes to go with this outfit?

If I do end up getting a pair, it would be the Yara Birkenstock in either white leather or beige suede because I find them more sexy than the double strap slip on ones. I know, totally not the same sandal.

Also if you want to try the trend, but are hesitant to invest, start with Qupid's faux leather Laudy-03 Gladiator which looks exactly like the Birkenstock- Chania, but for a fraction of the price.

My summer sandal MUST DO, however, is the Grecian inspired, boho gladiator! Especially the barely there, lace up kind. I'll always be a fan of the sleek shoe over the clunky ones because I feel they're less trendy and more timeless. Which is why I love my Barachel sandals from Free People. You would think the lace up is uncomfortable, but THEY'RE TOTALLY NOT! Looks and feels like you're wearing nothing. Just my kind of shoe. They had them in a pretty cobalt blue too, but sadly I didn't snatch them up quickly enough. For me, the perfect gladiator-inspired sandal has MINIMAL, THIN straps and a NO heel. Unlike the Birkenstock trend, there's less than a few places you could go wrong when wearing Grecian lace up sandals.  Whatever your summer style encompasses….minis, maxis, skinnies, boyfriends, boho fab or preppy chic…. it's all nicely complimented by the boho gladiator.   Here are some others that I want, need, love [or already have]….


  1. Meeeowzas! Those lashes and sandals tho. ;-)

    Wish my feet were a half size larger so I could borrow! LOL

  2. Awwww ... Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my question about the Birks! The pics and commentary definitely helped me figure out why I liked some looks and didn't like others. Hope you're feeling good at this stage of your pregnancy. I wished I looked as cute as you do while I was preggers.

  3. You have summed up exactly how I feel about Birks!